Course review: Product Analytics Academy

Course review: Product Analytics Academy

There's lots of product information out there and sometimes it's difficult to know which you should invest in and which you shouldn't.

I've previously looked at the Product School Masterclass and 30 Days of Product and now it's time to look at the Product Analytics Academy and their range of analytics based courses.

The courses were put together for Product Analytics Academy by former teacher and data scientist Ali Baghshomali, the founder of Mentat Analytics , a product analytics firm based in Los Angeles. Prior to founding Mentat, Ali was the Product Data Lead for Bird, as well as a data scientist at BuzzFeed.

Interpreting data is one of the key elements of building a successful product and it can often be one of the scariest areas for those getting into product, however, with a few pointers it is one area that will elevate your product opportunities. 

When it comes to analytics, you don’t need to know how to code however you do need a strong understanding of fundamental product analytics concepts, tools, and processes. 

This is why the Product Analytics Academy provide self-paced video courses with an example-driven approach and exercises taken directly from real-world scenarios. 

Membership to their service provides you with access to four courses:

  • Product metrics (12 lessons, 0.5 hours of video content)
  • Experiment design (10 lessons, 0.5 hours of video content)
  • Product analytics tools (13 lessons, 1.5 hours of video content)
  • Tracking plans (12 lessons, 0.5 hours of video content)

Personally, I like Ali's style and he presents information in an easily understandable way. An example is on this metrics framework where we could get bogged down in the potential wide range of metrics we can use as product people, but he simplifies it down to just four types which makes it easier to digest and appear much less daunting.

How much do the courses cost?

You can sign up for free and experience all the course content for seven days, after which time you can continue to access the courses for $50 a month. Of course, with this payment approach, the quicker you finish the course, the less you'll have to pay (and the sooner you'll be able to put into practice all the things you'll have learned!).

How long do the courses take?

These courses are entirely self-driven, so it's really up to you, but if you spend 2 hours a week brushing up on your learning then you should be done in approximately 6-8 weeks (12-16 hours).

Where can you find more information?

You can find more information and sign up for the free trial here.

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