It costs money to keep Getting Started in Product providing content to those looking to start out in a career in product management, or to develop their product management skills, and so we work with a number of partners who help fund us.

We try and pick our partners based on their usage within product management, and hopefully you'll find their services of interest.  If not, don't worry. We won't take offence!

As such, some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you go through them to make a purchase we may earn a commission.. The decision is yours, as to whether or not you decide to buy something. It is completely up to you.

Product Analytics Academy

Product Analytics Academy provide self-paced data-focused video courses with an example-driven approach and exercises taken from real-world scenarios. The courses were put together  by former teacher and data scientist Ali Baghshomali, the founder of Mentat Analytics


As product people we're always looking to get opinions and views from others, and Typeform allows us do do that with simple to create, great looking forms. I've used them for customer feedback, advisory boards, and stakeholder surveys, and you'll have definitely filled in some yourself.


If you're starting out on your own with your product, and you don't have all the skills to get everything done, then you need to lean on others who have those skills to help you out.

For me this has been in the design of things like logos, and Fiverr connected me with freelance specialists who could plug my skills gaps.

If you've used either Jira or DevOps for tracking work through teams, you'll know how unattractive they are to look at. gives you all the workflow controls but matches it with an engaging interface.

If you're going to spend a lot of time managing work, it may as well be fun!

And less 'partners' but more essential tools ...

Desk Pad Calendar

Not a bit of software, or an exciting tool, but my desk is incomplete without this A3 Desk Pad Calendar.

It sits under my mouse mat, providing visible reminders of important deadlines for the week, and ensuring I've always got paper ready to jot a note down when I need to.  

Mont Blanc Starwalker

And the thing I write on my cheap desk pad is a beautiful pen, that writes better than any pen I've ever owned.

It feels great in my hand, and just glides across the page.  I've had it since 2004 and it's still going strong.