Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Free - Email Course

This free, six-day email course takes you through the ways in which you can optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you look irresistible to recruiters at your ideal employer. From adding the perfect images to fine tuning your headline and experience, with a little bit of effort you will be attracting recruiters and getting them contacting you.


Intro to Product Management

Free - Email Course

This free, five-day email course takes you through the core elements of preparing yourself for a career in product.  From reviewing the available roles and the skills needed to fill them, to how to prepare your application and get ready for interviewing, this course gets you ready to make your first steps into your new career.

"An insightful course with the right information for product enthusiast" - Uchenna, course participant

"Course was broken into five easy lessons that weren't overwhelming, even though they were full of great information" - Nicole, course participant